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Współpraca z GRODNO SA

Grodno SA zaprasza do współpracy podmioty i osoby fizyczne, które chcą uruchamiać na terenie całej Polski nowe oddziały Grodna lub współpracować na określonych przez obie strony zasadach.

Prosimy prześlij swoje dane z krótkim listem motywacyjnym na adres wspolpraca@grodno.pl

About us

Grodno S.A. is a family business that operates on the electrotechnical market in Poland. Huge experience and high quality of provided services helped in fast development of the company. As a result of ambitious progress plans, that were conducted over the last few years, the Grodno Group has been established. Now it includes: Grodno S.A., BaRGo Sp. z o.o., Magma Sp. z o.o. and Inegro Sp. z o.o.

For now the Grodno Group operates in 92 electrical outlets around the whole country (which includes 16 franchise departments, 8 Bargo’s outlets and 1 Magma’s outlets). A total of 652 employees care about the best level of services. Thanks to those results the company is one of the main distributors of electrotechnical products in Poland.

Apart from selling a wide range of products, the company also offers consulting services, prepares and realizes lightening and illumination projects. Working on those basis provides comprehensive solutions for the private and business clients. The company is active in six areas:
- distribution of electrical materials
- lightening audit and engineering
- solutions for industries
- photovoltaics
- airconditionar (HVAC)
- secutity and low current


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